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Who is the most charming villager in Animal Crossing?

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    September 29, 2021 8:52 AM MSK

    According to the rules of the game, players can simulate many villagers in their lives. Players want extremely rare villagers to join their island town in a new horizon. But in the game, the probability of the player encountering many different villagers is equal, which means that no player is luckier than other players.

    Players can decide who is the most distinctive villager in their hearts based on the different types of villagers they come into contact with. At the same time, with the help of Buy Nook Miles Tickets, you can also find the answer in your mind.

    Players can also communicate and discuss with other villagers. The communication process can know who is the rarest villager in ACNH. Now through effective communication, it is found that the octopus is the rarest villager in ACNH. Players will have the same probability of encountering rare villagers as all other villagers. This is very fair to players.

    In fact, every player has different requirements for rare villagers, and everyone has in their hearts the most charming villager. You can go to ACItems to choose the villagers you like, and also Buy Nook Miles Tickets on it.