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Key Ways to Cleaning an Protct Outdoor Rattan Furniture

  • A natural product, wicker is a weave of reeds and plant fibers and as such, it requires specialized care to looks its best. Some approaches may be used on all types of Rattan Corner Sofa , while others are suitable for either outdoor or indoor pieces only.

    Natural rattan or cane furniture is essentially dried, dead plant matter, which means it is subject to becoming even more dried out and brittle in certain conditions. If used on a patio or porch during warm weather, keep it out of direct sunlight to avoid fading or brittleness. In the same manner, keep it away from heat ducts or an indoor fireplace. If the air inside is dry, a humidifier helps moisten the air enough to keep the furniture from drying out.

    Much like dry conditions, overly damp conditions are not good for rattan. Extremely humid environments without ample lighting lead to a mustiness on the Insahre furniture , which indicates mold or mildew. Exposure to rain or wetness over time also damages rattan, so it is best kept indoors or in a covered, moderate location when not in use.

    Clean the surface regularly. A monthly or even weekly cleaning is the best way to protect your rattan furniture and prevent major damage. Clean with a little dishwashing detergent diluted into water. Skim the suds off the top of the water with a soft cloth and then wipe the furniture's surface without getting the wood wet. Be sure to get into crevices and grooves with a toothbrush or other small brush.

    Keep the furniture indoors. While rattan certainly likes humidity, it is not outdoor furniture. Keep your rattan indoors and preferably out of direct sunlight and the furniture will last long and look better.

    Care for stains or other major damage immediately. Use detergent and a cloth to scrub out stains as soon as they occur. For more serious damage like cracking or splitting of the wood, try boiled linseed oil to put moisture back into the material. For the real tough stuff, contact a rattan or wicker expert who can care for the wood with expertise.

    Mold and Mildew Maintenance

    A vintage rattan chair or furniture left in storage a long time may have a musty smell. Small specks indicate mold and mildew; wipe them away with a sponge dipped in equal portions of bleach and water, wringing the sponge out to keep it damp, but not soaking wet. A toothbrush comes in handy to remove stubborn mold or mildew. Wipe down the entire piece with a fresh damp cloth or sponge to remove any bleach residue, then allow the furniture to sit outdoors on a dry, breezy day. Repeat the cleaning process if the furniture still shows signs of mold or mildew.

    How to Take Care of Your Patio Furniture Covers

    Properly maintaining your patio furniture covers will help keep your furniture well-protected and clean.

    Wash your covers using mild soap and warm water. Lightly scrub the cover with a soft-bristled brush. You could also invest in a fabric guard spray to keep your cover strong. Hang them out to air dry completely before putting them back on patio furniture or storing.

    For easy storage, check out one of our cover storage bags to easily keep your cover out of the way when it isn't in use.

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